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Mark Elias Johnes: Nick Marvel and the War with the Beast

15,90 €


218 Seiten • Paperback



218 Seiten

If you have grown weary of the morbid clime of magic and occultism in children’s spectacles and literature…

…whose adventures will give you an entirely new dimension to what is nowadays considered to be a story for children.

Imagination in children’s literature does not always have to be a bridge linking to magic and occultism – a phenomenon that is all too frequent in our day and age. Nor does it have to be an escape from a “tough” and “unbearable” reality. Imagination can be an opportunity for discovery, knowledge and adventure, within a healthy, entertaining and pleasant environment. Nicholas Maravelias, an average, modern youngster, lives within the reality, the adventure and the miracle of… life. By having apposed his optimism and his hope for personal progress to God’s Providence, the certain love of his family – but also without shirking any personal effort – every moment of Nick’s day brims with intriguing experiences. A veritable adventure. Nicholas Maravelias – to his friends and fellow students “ Nick Marvel ” on account of his liveliness, his patience and his good nature – has no need for “magic” in order to live intensely, honestly and responsibly. His is a life filled with marvels!

A series of books for “children” between the ages of 9 and... 99!

From Athens and Moscow to Essex and Constantinople: an exciting and adventure-packed journey, whose only unchanging element is Faith !


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