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Irina Gorbunova / Michael Lomax: Miracle-working icons of the mother of God

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four-color print • in English, Russian, German) • 144 p.





four-color print
text in English, Russian, German)
144 p.
size 22 x 25 cm

Throughout the centuries, the Russian people have displayed a particularly strong devotion to Mary, the Mother of God, as a protectress of their land and country and as intercessor and consoler of individual Christians. This veneration is expressed, among other things, in a particularly rich variety of icons.
This book presents 31 of Russia’s best known and some lesser known icon models, painted by Irina Gorbunova Lomax, a Russian practising iconographer, iconography teacher and fine arts theoretician. These are supported by historical fragments from both Eastern and Western traditions, as well as a general historical-theological introduction and brief individual descriptions by Deacon Michael Lomax
Published in full colour and in three languages (English, Russian and German), this book will appeal to iconographers looking for models to work from and to a wider public of lovers of traditional church art.

Irina Gorbunova-Lomax was born and educated in the Soviet Union, studying art theory and painting at the Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) Academy of Fine Arts. She began icon painting with the revival of Russian church life in the early 1990s in a well-known icon studio in Karelia. Moving to Belgium in 2003, she founded the Brussels Academy Icon Painting, which teaches icon painting to a mixed group of Orthodox and Roman Catholic students. She has also published two books (in Russian) on iconography and Christian art, as well as several practical manuals and magazine articles.
Deacon Michael Lomax is a professional translator and woodworker from the UK, who has lived in Belgium for over 30 years. A polyglot with a particularly wide knowledge of both Western and Eastern Christianity, he is uniquely able to present the Russian religious culture and iconography to a western audience.






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