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Helfen Sie Äbtissin Theodora!

Helfen Sie Äbtissin Theodora!



Gerontissa Diodora (Charlotte Stapenhorst) is an extraordinary person. Her life has been devoted to Christ as a Nun since 1992. She is German and also recently became Greek citizen. She is a Mother in Christ not only to so many sisters in several Monasteries around the world, but also to so many hundreds of us, who have received love, attention, and guidance from her. Gerontissa is known for always caring for the sorrows and problems of all those she meets, always ready to sacrifice herself. 

This Monday (26 Mars) at 14:15, Gerontissa was severely injured in a tragical car accident, while travelling on the highway between Evzoni and Thessaloniki, in Greece.

Her spiritual daughter, our beloved Sister Dimitra, who was driving the car, lost her life in the accident. Our beloved friend, Archimandrite Ireneos, a Priest-Monk who was also in the car, has been injured, however, thank to God, he is rapidly recovering. In the other car involved in the accident, there were four women. Three of them lost their lives and one survived, but is severely injured. Memory eternal for those who reposed!

We need your help to be able to provide the best surgery conditions to help preserve the life of our beloved Gerontissa Diodora and, God willing, help her to recover completely with long-term therapies. 

According to the most recent news we have, her situation is stable at the moment.

She has multiple fractures in the spine, neck, and skull, and it is critical that she does not move. For this reason, the doctors have put her in artificial coma. Several important organs have hematomas and she has broken ribs.

The donations received in this campaign will be used to offer the best surgery conditions to Gerontissa Diodora, including, if this is the best medical decision, a transfer to a specialized hospital in Germany. God willing, the donations will also be used to provide the best long-term therapies to help her recover from her severe injuries. 

CURRENCY and Exchange Rates
The currency is set in CHF (Swiss Francs) because I am located, as the campaign manager, in Switzerland. I cannot change this.

Here are the current exchange rates (28.03.2018):

1 CHF = 0.85 €
1 CHF = 1.05 $
1 CHF = 0.74 £

It will be applied automatically to your payment.

Gerontissa always gave everything freely, from the heart. Now, in this situation, where financial help can make a huge difference for her health condition for the rest of her life, let each one of us give freely, from the heart, as God inspires. Every gift, even small, will be a testimony of love for her. 

A heartfelt thank you for your help. 

We pray with all our hearts that God will help our beloved Gerontissa to recover completely from the accident. 

Please keep her, as well as Father Ireneos and the other injured person in your prayers. 

Memory eternal for Sister Dimitra and the other three women who passed away.

May the Lord have mercy!


This accident made the news across all Greece and around the world. Here are some links:
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Place of the accident on Google Maps here.

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